Black Friday & Cyber Monday Mobile Transactions Reached 37 Percent — Report

1220 It was originally predicted by AppLoving that 30% of Cyber Monday transactions would originate from mobile devices, and the overall though coming from Twitter was quite skeptical.  Based on a data consensus, mobile buying through mobile devices didn’t quite hit 30%, although it did earlier in the weekend.

The anti-fraud company iovation, based on a new set of data, made quite a claim: “37 percent of retail online transactions from this Black Friday to Cyber Monday were made from mobile phones and tablets.”

Here’s iovation’s day by day mobile commerce breakdown:

  • 38 percent of transactions on Black Friday
  • 40 percent on Saturday and Sunday Nov. 29 and 30
  • 30 percent on Cyber Monday
  • 44 percent the weekend before Black Friday, Nov. 22 and 23

The company said that out of all the sales made , only “0.37 percent of all online transactions conducted from mobile devices were fraudulent.”

 wondered why these mobile transactions were so much higher than those from the range of others like IBM, Adobe, Custora and Monetate, so he asked iovation to clarify and explain.

Connie Gougler, iovation’s Director of Marketing, said the following in email:

“The 37 percent of mobile transactions is based on iovation’s client mix of worldwide retailers. The retailers that use our risk services generally offer mobile-ready websites and apps that are full-featured, offering sophisticated capabilities that help their consumers complete their transactions quickly and effortlessly. iovation also serves many of the largest online marketplaces, and the majority of their traffic is through mobile devices.”

Here are some other interesting points coming from iovation:

On Black Friday,

  • 24% of all mobile transactions came from Android
  • 74% came from Apple devices
  • 2% were from other smartphones or tablets

On Cyber Monday,

  • 25% of mobile commerce came from Android
  • 72% came from iOS
  • 3% came from other operating systems

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