This Black-hat Tactic Could Make You Lose Your Good, Hard-Earned Links

Black hat SEO is such a crazy business.  It’s one of those industries that can change at the drop of a hat with the constant updates to the search engines (such as Google always changing and updating their search algorithms), which can, over time, change what best practices are in, and what best practices aren’t quite so effective anymore.  These sort of changes can really new dynamics to this sort of industry.

Unfortunately, there are some dynamics that can be a curse in the SEO industry.  That dynamic comes in the form of white hate versus black hat SEO.

So to put a little definition to these terms, those who follow white hat rules believe the search engines are our friends.  They abide by the rules set by the search engines, which helps them build great and lasting ranks for their clients.  Ultimately, it takes hard work and dedication to get to this point.  Black hat followers are pretty much the opposite.  Search engines are bad.  Like the outlaws of the old west, they break the rules of the search engines, tricking them into ranking quickly.

Alexander Kesler has found a new black hat tactic that is threatening the possibility of getting good, hard earned rankings and links for users of this new tactic.  As with any black hat technique, this tactic can literally take away all the years of hard work it took to get where you’re at and destroy all the links you’ve managed to get.

It all starts with an Email.

How can a simple email destroy what you worked so hard to gain?  Check out Alexander’s YouMoz post and find out how.  Just follow the link below.

YouMoz: This Black-hat Tactic Could Make You Lose Your Good, Hard-Earned Links