guestbloggingWhen you are running a website, one of the thoughts that goes through most people’s minds is, “Should I have a blog to go along with my site?”  Most people will probably tell you to add a blog to your site because it’ll help  you continuously add content to your site on a regular basis.  Yes, a blog (especially a well written one) can be a great addition, assuming it’s on the right site.

Naturally, there are some advantages to to keeping a blog on your site.

1. Brand Management

Unlike other forms of content on your site, which can grow stale after enough time, blogs keep things fresh for those who would visit your site on a regular basis.  Blogging will allow you to continue building your brand by adding fresh and insightful content to your site.

A blog can even help cultivate a personality for your practice.  As an example, you can create a warm and friendly personality by blogging about your community’s involvement and writing in a friendly tone.  Or you can write as a leader by creating content that is helpful, and thought-provoking.

2. SEO

By maintaining a blog, you are provided with a way to add new content to your site that focuses on keeping your site relevant on search engines like Google and Yahoo.

3. It’s Simple and Affordable

Adding a blog to your site is a simple process and doesn’t cost you a thing.  Once you’ve gotten a blog installed into your website, you now have a channel in which you can easily create more content for your website without breaking the rest of your site with new pages.

Of course, even with the benefits that come from blogging, not every site should automatically have a site.  There are usually good reasons to not utilizing a blog on a site, due to an already recognized brand name or market.   has a post written on that talks about this issue…when is blogging really the right form of content marketing?

To find out more, check out Isla’s blog post on the Moz Blog, or just click on the link below and read on!

Moz Blog: When Is a Blog the Right Form of Content Marketing?