How Business Listings Are Made

In last Friday’s edition of Moz.com’s Whiteboard Friday, David Mihm sheds some light on the complicated process that Google uses to create its business listings. Video Transcription “Hey everybody. Welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday and in particular a local edition of Whiteboard Friday. I’m David Mihm, the Director of Local Search Strategy for …

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Building a Marketing Flywheel

On the May 30 edition of Whiteboard Friday, Rand shares insight on how to add energy to your marketing “flywheel” and how and when to release it. Video Transcription: Howdy Moz fans, and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. This week I want to talk about a concept called the flywheel. For a long …

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SEO And The Community Living Together

In the online business world, the biggest goal is to rank highly on the search engines via SEO.  You’ve got your link building campaign set up, your online ads area a go, great content has been written, you’ve done your keyword research, and everything that you can think of in SEO.  But there’s more.  You …

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How To Build An Email List To Market Your Business

In this video, Friday 15, Google’s series of tips for small businesses, they help you get your small business better marketing with email. How to build an email list *Start with the email addresses you have, even if it’s a small list *Allow people to sign up for your email list when they interact with …

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5 Steps to Facebook Advertising

In this episode of SEOMoz’s Whiteboard Friday, Lauren Vacarello outlines the different ad types on Facebook and walks us through getting started with Facebook advertising!

Instagram: A New Way For Brands To Market

What is Instagram?  Similar to Foursquare, it is an app that gives users a place to share, like, and comment on photos.  The app’s community grew to over a million users just within the first three months of being released.  Now, Instagram boasts 100 million monthly active users.  Because of this, brands have begun to …

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Linking My Two Sites Together: Does It Violate Quality Guidelines?

In this video, Matt Cutts responds to a question that asks if you have two sites that are similar to each other, can you link from one site to another without violating Google’s guidelines?

SEO Misconceptions

In this video, this question was asked of Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team: “Which aspect of Google updates do you think the SEO industry simply won’t get? Where do you see many SEOs spending too much energy on when they could be taking care of other things?”

Matt Cutts Talks Advertorials, Native and Editorial Content

In this video, Matt Cutts, who heads up the webspam team at Google, talks to you about Editorial content, advertorials, and native content.

The Dangers of Disavowing

In some respects, the Disavow Tool from Google can be quite helpful.  If you are suffering from shady, or just plain bad link building, you can utilize the Disavow tool by uploading a file of backlinks and suddenly you’re golden.  You’re back in the business of building up your traffic!  Of course, nothing can happen …

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Conducting Market Research Before Investing in Tactical Execution

Market Research is important no matte what sort of business you are in. Unfortunately, there are quite a few companies who will jump into the pool without doing even a lick of work when it comes to market research. There are answers that must be answered before you can make the best decisions for your …

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Should You Use The Vary HTTP Header On URLs That Redirect Based On User-Agent?

In the mind of Google, what is their position about continuing to recommend the HTTP Vary: User-Agent header for specific mobile websites after big players like Akamai said they don’t cache the URLs that include it?

What Does Google Think About Search Quality When It Relies On Subjective Signals?

In this video, the question is asked, “How can Google be confident with their SERPs, when relying on inherently subjective signals that influence which sites display?” In other words, using human ‘quality raters’ to evaluate entire domains.

Lessons To Take Away From A 100k Pageview Post

If you’re a blogger, I’m sure you’ve tried your best to gain the notoriety of have thousands of blog post views on at least a few of your posts.  Well, unless you’re really lucky, or really good at writing, well known, and use social media, that’s probably not always going to happen.  There are lessons …

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Penguin 4 Is Live: Uses Penguin 2.0 Generation Spam-Fighting

Penguin 4, the fourth and newest release of Google’s Penguin Update is now live.  Penguin 4 actually contains a technology from an older update, Penguin 2.0.  Google stated that this is a new generation of tech that should help better stop spam.  Matt Cutts, who heads the web spam team at Google, had announced the …

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