Friday Favorites

In an attempt to actually pay attention to my own blog – here is a list of my favorite posts from the week.  I haven’t had much time to read this week, so sorry for the short list… Matt McGee’s SEM Celebrity Look-a-Like Rebecca Kelly’s “Don’t Fire Me Rand” SES Wrap Up Todd Malicoat’s “Why I …

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SES New York Wrap up

Okay – I missed the New York recap, but what can I say – I have 1,000 deliverables due, and my (professional) goal in life is to make clients happy – so…priorities man, priorities… SES New York was fantastic – great attendee turn out, great sessions, and a memorable first trip to the Big Apple.  …

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SearchFest 2007 is a Homerun!

I have learned a lot in the last couple of months.  Many good things – and a few that were only learned through near-disaster errors.  But hey – sometimes those mistakes make the biggest impressions, right? Less than a year ago, I co-founded SEMpdx with a couple of colleagues and began marketing to local SEO/M …

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SEM – A Bridge for Marketing and Sales

One of the biggest problems faced by businesses today is the inefficient collaboration between marketing and sales teams.  So when it comes to Search Engine Marketing – who owns it? By the name of the activity itself, most would say the marketing team owns it.  If your company is still living in the dark ages …

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Comments on Your Personal Viral Marketing Plan

Happy Friday! My favorite post this week BY FAR is from Brian at ScoreBoard Media.  The post is all about how SEO consultants should easily pull in $500k a year for consulting – but most aren’t. I started doing Search Engine Optimization for my own business about seven years ago.  About three years ago I decided …

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Growing a Healthy Search Engine Marketing Firm

There was a great post on SEOmoz today that fits right in with what we’re always preaching about online and offline marketing collaboration.  Please take a look. 

Beyond Traffic and Conversion

Search Engine marketing is no longer about showing up in the top ten results. Well okay, that is still important, but it’s only one piece of the overall puzzle.As sophisticated businesses and marketing agencies embrace the world of Internet Marketing, Search Engine Marketers are being asked to deliver a level of strategy and value never …

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Educate to Convert

Do you sell a product or service on your web site?  Forget e-commerce – that’s too literal. What I’m asking is: do you sell your business online in hopes of enticing customers or clients to buy, sign-up, contact you, or register?  If so, please read on…   No Soliciting Studies are continuously conducted by individuals, firms, …

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Online Marketing to Children – A Christmas Story

I was once asked why I would want to take a vacation in January – after all, with the long holiday (Christmas) weekend, I should already be relaxed.  My reply… “You don’t have kids, do you?” For parents (and grandparents I imagine), the annual chaos often begins sometime in November as the kids start realizing …

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