Boost Ad Space and Enhance Click-Through Rates with 8 Google Ads Extensions (Infographic)

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Creating and launching a successful Google Ads campaign requires some compelling ad copy and targeted keywords. But it takes more than just that – you need to harness the potential of ad extensions. These tools can not only enhance your ads, they can provide more information that you can use to help you capture y our audience’s attention.

If you’re new to launching a Google Ads campaign and eager to grasp the diverse range of ad extensions at your disposal, you’ll want to check out the following infographic. Discover the multitude of ad extensions and unlock their potential to enhance your campaign’s effectiveness.

The infographic was created by the folks over at Omnitail where they cover these 8 Google Ads tips:

  • Seller rating
  • Call
  • Sitelink
  • Location
  • Structured snippet
  • App
  • Call out
  • Price