Botify, an enterprise SEO platform, has announced a partnership with Bing last week that will bring almsot real-time indexing to brand websites through the Bing content submission API pilot.

Dubbed “FastIndex,” this offering will feed Bing new content and be allowed to exceed the 10,000 URL limit currently set for the API.

Co-founder and CEO of Botify, Adrien Mendard, said that there isn’t any money changing hands between Bing and Botify regarding this arrangement. Bing is testing the API with a few large partners, even though Mernard said that this relationship is unique to his knowledge.

According to Menard, this approach is best suited for websites larger than 10,000 pages, as well as those that publish new content on a regular basis. Botify’s customers includes Macy’s, Expedia, Condé Nast, eBay, Monster and others.

For site owners, the benefits include immediate indexing, more control over content and potentially better coverage, while Bing benefits from lower costs (vs. crawling) and more recent and, presumably, higher quality content. Menard said that it can take a few days for new content to be indexed by search engines. He said that they usually fail to index “more than half of a typical enterprise website’s pages.”

“Search engines don’t have resources to crawl every page of the internet, and websites are changing all the time,” said Menard. With the API, “You can select the pages to be indexed.” Not only that, Botfiy analyzes its customers’ sites and content and makes recommendations about which pages should and should not be submitted.

SourceGreg Sterling