Google Authorship MarkupWhen it comes to authorship and company branding, there will probably be a question that pops up.  When there is a single person working at your company/with your business who writes the online content for your site/blog, should that single individual be assigned authorship?  Or would it be better if the content written for your site be branded with the company name and logo?  You would assume there shouldn’t be a problem with assigning authorship like this, but there is always going to be the concern that the person could leave the company.  What then?

Sure, it’s not as if there isn’t a basis for your fear of assigned the branded content marketing to a single person.  We get it.  But, think about this idea for a moment.  Instead of focusing on making all of your brand content, well, branded to your company’s name, removing the prospect of your content always being connected to your brand may be a good idea.  It’s something that brands may actually need to help draw more attention from customers.

To get the ball rolling on telling you why this idea could work,  has written up a blog post on Moz that goes into detail on the why this could be a great direction to go in terms of authoring.  In his post, Mark answers three, often asked questions:

  • Wouldn’t it be better for our content to be branded with our company name/logo?
  • Will individual author authority really translate into better exposure, trust, and (bottom line) new customers for our brand?
  • What if the employee author leaves our company?

To read up on Marks Moz post, just follow the link below to read up on all the details.

Moz Blog: Your Brand Shouldn’t Fear Assigning Authorship