Brand Storytelling 101: The Essential Elements

Brand storytelling The term branding has been around for quite a long time.  But like many terms, the definition has changed a bit over time.  Originally, the term “brand” pretty much meant a “look”, such as a logo or color scheme.  But today, the term mean so much more than it did.  It’s more than just a look, it’s an individual or company identity and personality.

Sure, a look is still important, after all, it’s still a component of a brand.  But now-a-days, a crafted look of an individual or business is now only a singular part of their respective logos and logo colors.

Matt Secrist has a post written up for Search Engine Journal that gives us a great explanation of brand storytelling and gives us the basic elements that helps give brands their unique stories.  Why don’t you check out the post now by following the link below?

Search Engine Journal: Brand Storytelling 101: The Essential Elements