Brands On Twitter Can Hide Replies To Tweets

Brands and users alike are being given more control over their social narratives on Twitter with the ability to hide Tweet replies.. This feature began rolling out globally on November 22 (check out the blog post here) after months of testing in select countries, which includes Canada and the US.

“Currently, repliers can shift the topic or tone of a discussion and derail what you and your audience want to talk about,” the company said. “We learned that the feature is a useful new way to manage your conversations.”

Users will be able to hide replies to the tweets that they write, although users can still see, as well as engage with, hidden replies by selecting the “View hidden replies” option in the Tweet’s dropdown.

The author of the Tweet will have the option to unhide all replies (or a single reply) at any time. When a Tweet author hides a reply, the author of the reply will not be notified.

The ability to hide Tweet replies could allow brands the ability to have more control over the context of their engagements, such as weeding out spam replies. But they want to be careful, as hiding all replies could end up having a negative impact for users who rely on replies to find out more information about the topic or product being discussed.

Currently, the hide replies feature can be found for all Twitter users on iOS, Android and desktop, but not on Tweetdeck.

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