Brands Shifting From YouTube To Native Video On Twitter

Twitter video For the longest time, YouTube was the king of video.  But lately, there has been some grip lost on the part of YouTube, as more major sites have been stepping into the video arena.  Facebook was one of the first big places you could go to upload your videos for social sharing.  At this point, Facebook video views has reached more than 4 billion video views a day.  This was reported back in April, so who knows what that number is at now.

Because so many people are now watching videos natively on Facebook than ever before, brands are now shifting their video posting from YouTube to Facebook.  It wasn’t until last December when the number of branded videos posted on Facebook finally surpassed that of YouTube, according to Socialbakers, a social analytics company.

It looks like Twitter is getting some of that same action now, although not at as much as Facebook.  Socialbakers gave up some data recently, showing that brands will be sharing more native video on Twitter than YouTube content soon.  The data shows the 500 largest brand on Twitter from January to July, and the trend is quite interesting.

Tw video count type 2 2 800x417In July, the raw numbers included 1,318 links posted to YouTube, while there was 1,208 videos posted natively.  It looks like Twitter, based on the numbers and the graph above, is quickly catching up.  Regarding Periscope and Vine, two other video services owned by Twitter, aren’t doing nearly as great as YouTube or Twitter,  but it is interesting to note that, although Periscope is the newest player in the mix, it has already caught up to Vine, which has been out a lot longer.  The number of videos posted on Periscope have reached 283, while Vine got to 279.

Although there’s more engagement on Vine than on Periscope, most of the video engagement is still coming from native video.

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