Why Brands Should Turn To Bloggers Instead Of Celebrity Spokespeople

Blog We’ve watched plenty of television in our lives.  We’ve seen a whole hell of a lot of crazy things that has spewed forth from our screens.  We’ve seen movies, TV shows, and news casts.  We’ve seen our share of commercials.  In the case of commercials, I know that all of us have seen advertisements for brands that include celebrity spokespeople as the endorsers for certain products.  The newest one I remember seeing is Samuel Jackson telling us how great the Capitol One card is.

The newest Capitol One card commercials are one of the newest advertisements we’ve witnessed that uses celebrities to help sell products and services, and it won’t be the last.  But if you think about it, most of the companies that use this strategy are multi-million dollar companies.  These companies can afford to bring us Samuel Jackson toting his credit card.  But not all companies have the money to do that sort of advertising.  If you’re one of those companies that doesn’t have money to burn, you will probably have to be a little smarter in getting the word out there.

This is where bloggers come in.  Sure, bloggers aren’t celebrities, but they are still great at getting the word out as any well known TV personality.   knows that getting the right kind of person to advertise is better than getting a well known person to spout the word of your service or product.  You want somebody who is actually affordable, as well as someone who can bring about a positive financial return on your investment.

Danielle has posted a piece on Marketing Land entitled, Why Brands Should Turn To Bloggers Instead Of Celebrity Spokespeople.  In her post, she discusses reasons why bloggers can be incredibly useful in advertising your brand.  No need for spending horrendous amounts of money on anything bigger.

To read more about the matter, check out Danielle’s post on Marketing Land by following the link below!

Markeiting Land: Why Brands Should Turn To Bloggers Instead Of Celebrity Spokespeople