SEO Perfect CompanyFor several years now, we have been hearing about how SEO is dying, all because of the changes in organic search, as well as updates to Google, including Penguin to Panda, to Hummingbird.  Even inbound link penalties and Not Provided seems to point towards the final resting place of SEO.

But is SEO dead, or even in risk of dying?  Sure, we know that search is always in constant change.  But that doesn’t mean SEO will be laid to rest.   says that SEO isn’t dead by a long shot.  SEO is actually thriving.  We just have to look beyond our current perception of what we know about it.  Janet reviews in her post, The Brave New World of SEO: Beyond Websites, some of the ways search has changed in 2013.  She also looks how search marketers have been impacted by these changes.

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