Cyrus WhiteboardIf you know anything about SEO, you know that as a general rule of thumb, you should be doing what you can to follow SEO best practices.  We know that best practices is a guideline of rules that have been shown to get the best results out of a website and its pages.

Think of it this way, best practices, while being known for guiding us to success in most situations, is great in most situations.  But it won’t always be a good idea to use SEO best practices in every situation.  Basically, not every single situation calls for you to follow these rules set up by others.

In this episode of Whiteboard Friday,  shows us a number of instances where you are actually going to want to break the rules a bit.  There are actually times when utilizing best practices won’t work, or isn’t the optimal way of doing things.

Check out Cyrus in this Whiteboard Friday video, Breaking the SEO Rules: When Not to Follow Best Practices