Broad Match: Don’t Dismiss It

Google modified broad match When you’re online performing a search, sometimes it pays to be specific when you’re putting in a search term.  But, what if you’re searching for something, and you end up typing in a search term, and what you type ends up being totally different terminology, but still means the same thing?  Or you accidentally misspell a word?  This is where broad matches comes

Broad matches will use search algorithms to determine a user query that is related to a marketers keyword, even if the term that was used isn’t the exact one.  With broad match, a marketer will be able to increase the number of visitors to a site by increasing the amount of people view their ad, which is based on search relevancy.

 has written up a post for Search Engine Land, which deals with broad match and how great they can be for marketers.  He mentions that at Bing Ads, over half of their total impressions were using broad matches.  That’s not a bad number.

But, I don’t want to spoil the entire article for you, so, to read the post in its entirety, check it out by following the link below: