Link building is something that can be taken as easy when you look at the common niches like Technology, Marketing and Finance.  This is because there are so many blogs out there that are just giving away links to good resources.  This may sound good, but because these niches are very competitive and the links provided in these blogs just are not enough, you very well could use even MORE links from diversified ways to achieve your target of link building.

What is it that could work for  you?  Well, sometimes not everything you get that’s good is going to be free.  You will have to cough up some cash to get some good, positive results.  Investment isn’t at all a bad thing.

How can you help a client get some fresh new attention?  Help them Re-brand their identities!

There seems to be a trend that when websites and bloggers change or re-brand their logo identities, people will hear about it through blog posts and/or press releases.  Assuming that the blog or website is well known in their niche, new journalists and quick blog owners will usually talk about this.

Basically, you can help clients who are ready to rebrand their logos and send them the logos for free.  Let’s assume that the blog or website doesn’t actually change their logo to the one you just sent them.  Even then, they will positively discuss your efforts on their blog.  This alone should be enough for you because you can cater to targeted audiences, as well as links.

The only issue with this strategy is that you’ll need the help of a creative designer.  People sure don’t want any cheap looking clip art logo on their site.  Also, you don’t want to send the client just one logo.  You’ll need to send them quite a few so they have something to choose from.

Of course, having a designer isn’t going to be cheap.  But, by doing some research online, you can find some decent online logo makers.  Two such site is Design Mantic.  The awesome thing about this site is that the logos that are on this site are all custom made.  This means no clip art!  It can easily cater the attention of anyone.  Another great example is Canva’s Online Logo Maker, which can help you build your brand identity the quick and easy way, thanks to its intuitive, easy-to-use drag-and-drop design platform that’s online and free to use.

Canva has grown to more than 10 million users worldwide across 179 countries – and we’re growing fast. We’ve recently put together this resource because our users have found it useful, so we thought your readers might enjoy it too.

So, now that you have an idea of how to get some logos made, you’ll need to get with it!

Step 1:  Find websites and blogs under your niche

You can focus on, and target, the blogs and websites (nonprofit) under your niche.  You can do all of that manually, but to save a little time, you can use link prospector to get the job done faster.


You can get a list of blogs and websites under your niche by simply adding the keywords that you were targeting.  If the data you receive is mixed up, you can manually sort the data and exclude the blogs and websites under your niche.

Step 2:  Sort and Select Manually

Even though it sounds a little silly, but sorting and selecting the sites and blogs you want manually is better than doing it automatically.  There pretty much is no tool that can help you analyse and choose the perfect target for you.  Here are things that can be considered important:

  • DA of the website, you will want to select the websites and blogs with decent domain authority.

  • Link profile of the selected website/blogs should be clean

  • Should have a considerably good readership

  • Have a bad or at least not really good brand’s identity (logo)

  • It’s good if the blog or website have a good social circle on different social platforms.

Step 3: Outreach and Offer

This part of the process is important.  The way you write an email will either make or break you and will determine if your offer will be a success or a failure.  Here is an article that talks about how to write an email to get a better rate of response.

You should describe your offer in a nice and humble way, so you don’t look like some jerk who is blatantly saying that the person’s site or blog logo sucks and that they need your help.

Step 4: Sort Responses and Send The Samples

Now that you’ve sent out emails to all of you prospective targets, you will start getting responses within a few days.  Once this happens, if the responses are favorable and the prospective targets agree to your offer, you can start sending the samples you made using Mantic to them.

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Just write the name of the website/blog into the bar, and voila!  You will be able to see multiple log design concepts.  Of course, not every logo is going to fit, but you can select some of them and make a jpg of it and send it to the person for review purposes.

Once they’ve finalized the logo, you will be able to make any necessary edits and finally download the final version by paying a small amount.

Step 5: Stay Connected and Encourage them to talk about the logo!

As with any link building technique, it’s always a good idea to stay connected with the blog or website you worked for.  Encourage them to talk about marketing their new (upcoming) logo through their blog, press release, or social media.  Never push them too hard, because this could have an adverse effect and actually push them away and you could lose the relationship.

Once the PR about you and the new logo has begun, make sure to stay active.  By continuing to talk and communicate, your readership will grow positively.  This can increase your links, and who knows, you could end up growing your future business!  Everybody wins.

By offering the chance to help a nonprofit website or blog with a new logo, you are going to end up with some good links.  Quality relationships will surely follow, and word of mouth within the niche is always more powerful than other types of marketing.


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