How To Build A Local Brand Through Online Marketing

Online marketing Let me ask you a question.  Do you own a business or a brand?  Technically, if you said yes to either option, you are really saying yes to both of them.  It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, it can still be a brand.  It’s impossible to build a brand in a day, but over time.  After all, you know what they said about Rome.  It’s possible for any business to acquire the brand status, it just takes a little effort.

When it comes to brand marketing, the typical strategy is usually focused on lead generation with performance measured by the traffic your website gets, the inbound calls, as well as appointments and customer walk-ins.

No matter how much effort you’re putting in to get new customers, you should never miss the opportunity to build a local brand.

 wrote an article on Search Engine Land that discusses how to build a local brand through online marketing efforts.  In the article, you’ll find out the value of having a brand, how to enhance a brand through local marketing, and the difference between brands vs keywords and locations.

To check out Myles full article, just follow the link below.

Search Engine Land: How To Build A Local Brand Through Online Marketing