keyword-toolToday, you may be looking at the Not Provided situation and think that keywords just aren’t the way to go anymore (thanks Google!), but it seems that a good part of the work in SEO still involves discovering opportunity, and taking that opportunity and creating content around it that ranks.

There are plenty of tools out there that will help if you are focusing on smaller groups of terms, such as the Moz Keyword Difficulty Tool.  Tools like this are great, but are really only good if you’re looking for a small amount of keywords.  You may be looking for a tool that can deal with a more substantial amount of keywords, keywords that number in the thousands.  You could even be looking for keyword type or category.

So then what do you need to do?  Since all keyword difficulty tools work in the same way, we know that they look at ranking factors for each result in a set.  In the end, we need to do is work out how each step is preformed at scale.  This is where  comes in.

Martin has written an article, entitled How To Build Your Own Mass Keyword Difficulty Tool, for Moz that describes the steps it takes to set up these tools that will help you take care of large amounts of keywords.

To read about it and figure it out, check out Martin’s full article by following the link below: