Building A B2B Brand From Scratch Through Search

B2b When you’re making something, you’ve got to start from somewhere right?  If your baking, you need to start with the dough.  If you’re beginning with building a computer, you need all the pieces of hardware.  But what if you’re starting from scratch with a B2B search campaign and your brand is, well, brand new?

When starting a new brand and B2B search campaign, are you wanting to expand into the market for a B2B product that is new to your brand image?  Or, you could simply be trying to enhance your brand image during launches of products or solutions.   has written a column on Search Engine Land that will help you out with just that.  She has written several tips that will help you out of the gate, or to increase or maintain market share and profit using paid search.

Check out Katherine’s article b following the link below: