BrandBuilding a brand from the ground up can be challenging, difficult, and if done correctly, incredibly fruitful.  For as long as we’ve been building businesses, we’ve tried getting the word out about our brands through as many channels as we can, such as newspaper, magazines and television ads.

But when the wondrous thing we lovingly call the internet came to be and matured into what is is today, we began utilizing it for getting people to know us and our brand. Because of the internet, we’ve developed quite a number of ways and techniques to drive traffic to our brand sites.  Digital marketers have been able to utilize analytics to help drive direct and measurable conversions.

Even with the advancements that we have with driving customers to our sites through online marketing, it seems that television still has a majority of our attention it seems.  Even then, we as digital marketers have a chance to grow our brands and businesses to become very prosperous, despite TV being the dominant way of seeing ads.

In an article by , we will find out how we can build our brands online, and make that online presence be the major way potential customers see and think about us.  To Will, even with the growth in spending in digital marketing, we are still only in the golden age of digital. Check out Will’s article on the Moz Blog by following the link below! Moz Blog: Building a Brand Online: The Golden Age of Digital