Building Consumer Awareness: How to Talk to People Who Don’t Know They Need You

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ConsumerWhen your selling a service or product, it can be pretty easy to sell it when those who are buying are looking for what you are offering.  If it solves an obvious problem, then it can be a very simple sell, all you have to do is demonstrate it to the potential client or customer or offer them a competitive price.

But there is a dark side to customer awareness and selling your products.  Most businesses aren’t selling the products that fit an obvious need.  That’s not to say that what you’re selling won’t solve a particular problem, but most of the time, people don’t realize that they need the service or product you’re offering…yet.

There is a post written by Bridget Randolph on Moz’s blog that describes this particular problem that many businesses have when trying to deal with customer awareness.  How do businesses get their proverbial foot into the customer’s mind and let them know that what they are selling is what they need?  How does that business make them care about their products and services?

This is what Bridget’s post is all about!  To find out more about what a business like yours can do to get more people to realize that what you have is the solution that they need, just follow the link below to Bridget’s Moz blog post!

Moz Blog: Building Consumer Awareness: How to Talk to People Who Don’t Know They Need You

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