chain-linksEvolution is a part of everything, especially when it comes to the SEO industry.  Everything about SEO always on a constant track of change.  Algorithms are always being changed, and new SEO elements are always being added to the overall mix.  There are many different things to love and hate about this thing we call SEO.

For , social connections between companies and customers are a wonderful addition to the SEO mix.  But, there is always a dark side to everything, right?  For Casie, one of those downsides is a little thing called Google.

Sure, Google isn’t purposely out to ruin businesses or destroy all the work SEOs have done, but there still seems to be an issue surrounding the search engine.  That issue is links.  Do they really know how to deal with them correctly?  Maybe, maybe not.  Casie would argue the “maybe not” part, as it seems like there are a lot of unwarranted penaltiesmiscommunication, and increased frustration that search marketers are having to put up with.

To find out more about Casie’s explanation on the link issue, check out her article by following the link.

Search Engine Land: Are You Building Links Or Building A Business?