Sometimes explaining things can be difficult.  One of those issues is net neutrality.  Burger King decided to step up and wrap the matter into a Whopper.

On January 24, Burger King debuted a new ad with the aim to educate people about net neutrality by translating it into terms anybody would be able to understand.  Do you want your food on time?  You have to pay more to have that happen.  It’s the same thing with the internet.

In the ad, Burger King shows customers (well, we don’t know if they’re real customers or not) by making them wait longer than usual to receive their Whoppers because they declined to pay more money for a faster turnaround.

The point of the ad is to be a comical stand-in for the issue of net neutrality rules, which were repealed by the Federal Communications Commission last month and whose repeal enables internet service providers to charge people additional fees to receive data over the internet.  Can you imagine paying more just to watch Netflix (which you already pay for for the subscription), or receiving your emails in Gmail?  You’d be understandably upset.  In the skit, Burger King stands for the internet service providers and the Whopper for the internet data.

Burger King hopes that the campaign can show how hangry people get about being taxed for their Whoppers, and that it can incite a similar anger about the possible increase in charges for their internet and prompt them to sign a petition for the FCC to reverse course on the repeal it has already voted to enact or for Congress to pass a bill overriding the repeal.

“We believe the internet should be like BURGER KING® restaurants, a place that doesn’t prioritize and welcomes everyone. That is why we created this experiment, to call attention to the potential effects of net neutrality,” Burger King global CMO Fernando Machado said in a statement.

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