rand_fishkinAt one point or another, anybody who’s got content online that they want shared by readers and customers have all run into the same problem.  Regardless of how great your content is, no matter how much you tell your customers about the stuff that you wrote, nobody is sharing it.  Not one bit.  This can be truly frustrating.  You know the content is getting through to them, you know they are checking it out, but yet the masses who are doing so aren’t reciprocating and sharing it with the people they know.

Because of this, people who are falling into this rut feel that the only options they have is to buy their way to the top of the search engines.  This means that these people will be buying their exposure through bought links and ads.  This could potentially land a person in the black hat penalty box if they take this form of search result manipulation far enough.

In this week’s episode of Whiteboard Friday, you’ll find  is back at it by showing us a new way to think about our marketing that might be exactly what we need to fix this problem.

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