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These aren't just any-old leads. Thrive delivers exclusive leads via phone calls direct to your business, from customers who are actively searching for services online at that exact moment.  We currently deliver leads for:

  • Roofers
  • Home Contractors
  • Auto Glass
  • Electricians
  • HVAC
  • Plumbers
  • Attorneys
  • Others by Request

The Benefits of Buying Local Leads

Perfecting your products, hiring staff, implementing marketing strategies, and providing good customer service are all critical aspects of a successful business. But does any of this truly matter if your target customer doesn't even know your product exists? Your company can quickly fix this problem by pursuing sales leads.


What is a Lead?

Leads are prospective customers who have expressed direct or indirect interest in your product. In other words, they have entered the earliest stage of the buying process. Following up on leads requires significant time and monetary investment, so it's crucial to ensure that you are chasing quality leads, which is where local leads come in.


What's So Important About Local Leads?

Local leads are generated from potential customers in a specific geographical area. Because local leads are in closer proximity to your business, it is more likely that their search for your services or products is intentional. Easier conversion is not the only reason to chase local leads. A local consumer is more likely to turn into a loyal customer, potentially spreading their satisfaction with your business to others by word of mouth. One solid lead has the potential to turn into a slew of happy customers.


The Benefits of Buying Local Leads

Here are a few ways to benefit your business by buying local leads.

Accurately Measure Performance

Following leads enables you to measure the effectiveness of your business strategies accurately. While other marketing tools that generate leads aren't as easy to keep track of, a pay per click consulting service can offer you specific data that gives you better information about your target market. Paid search segmentation will keep your company high in search results for your local audience and feed you information about your conversion. This allows you to tailor your marketing strategy accordingly and hone in on the right customer.

Bolster Your Conversion Rate

Purchasing local leads may not guarantee a sale every time, but the data can prove a much higher conversion rate. Cold calls require you to start from square one, which means you're wasting a lot of resources on customers that may have no interest in your products. Local leads have already expressed interest in your business, indicating they are further along in the buying process. An Oregon SEO company that utilizes paid search segmentation helps you find the best leads, increasing the efficacy of your marketing efforts.

Cost Effective

Instead of aimlessly pouring your resources into a strong media presence for the general online audience, you can direct your marketing to your target consumer. An investment in local leads has a much higher return on investment (ROI) than general strategies. A procedure that uses pay per click in Portland targets customers that have already expressed interest in products or services related to your business.

Easy to Utilize

Other than the upfront cost, purchasing local leads requires little effort. An Oregon SEO company can take your leads and implement paid search segmentation to target potential customers. A pay per click consulting service typically offers integration support to ensure you can begin utilizing local leads without too much hassle.


Take Your Business to the Next Level

Purchasing local leads generates positive ROI for your business, allowing you to take it to the next level. What are you waiting for? Start implementing this effective marketing strategy today and watch your business transform.


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> Increase New Business Easily


> Often Times Cheaper Than Other Marketing


> Quality Of Leads Are Guaranteed


> Every Lead Is Exclusive - Not Shared


> Easily Turn Up Lead Quantity When Needed


> These Are The Hottest, Most Qualified Leads Found Anywhere