Buyer-BewareJust like in every aspect of life, there seems to be myths that can be found in SEO.  And just like every myth, there are people out there who continually perpetuate the myth and keeps it going.  Debunking SEO myths are certainly a difficult thing to do, especially with all of the charlatans who keep these myths alive.  These people constantly prey on other’s SEO naivety, just so they can make some money.

 knows all about these mean spirited SEO scammers, and has even gone to the trouble of writing up a column on the matter.  Stephen gave a direct example of one such issue when one of Stephen’s readers, Kristin McGowan, reached out to him about an automated voicemail she recieved from a company claiming they could help her on her new site.  This caused an army of red flags to pop up for her, as she was familiar with SEO.  Afterwards, Stephen dissected the problem “company” and looked at the facts that made their claims so dubious.

To read the full article, and to discover what happened to Stephen’s reader, and the facts of the dubious company, follow the link below.

Column: 5 Tips For Spotting SEO Charlatans