How to Calculate Share of Voice for Organic Search

Shareofvoice You put a lot of time, effort and work into your advertising and marketing.  But, how can you tell if all of your work is paying off?  Naturally, the only way to tell is to measure it.  By measuring as much of the data as possible, you will finally see, sprouting from the data, actual insights being revealed to you.

Peter Meinertzhagen has written a post on Moz today, entitled How to Calculate Share of Voice for Organic Search.  In his piece, Peter wants to deal with one particular marketing measurement:  share of voice.

What is share of voice?  Basically, it’s how much a brand or product is being talked about compared to other competitors.  Because of the internet, we actually have a way of measuring how much we’re being talked about.  Ah, the wonders of the internet.

To read Peter’s full article, feel free to check out his pot by following the link below: