computer-spamIn the SEO industry, there is an uncountable number of SEO companies out there making a living giving paying clients better rankings on their websites.  But, here is where we see an issue.  With so many SEO companies, businesses and people out there, you know there is bound to be some bad eggs.  There is always going to be those people who will stoop to any level to get  a website up in the rankings, just for a quick buck, even if it’s at the expense of the client further on down the road.

As you can probably guess, that means penalties thrown at them by Google that will cause a good website to loos most of, if not all of their organic traffic, all because of the black hat, and generally underhanded techniques that these bad SEO firms utilized.

In a post on Search Engine Land, Shari Thurow wrote a post where she explains that she tried helping a small company remove a Google spam penalty from their website.  Why?  Because this penalty occurred over a year ago, all because three SEO firms drug the website down by creating nothing but spam, as well as a network of “bad neighborhoods” pointing to its website.

As Shari asks in her post, “What would I do if my website were hit with a spam penalty, and I lost qualified search engine traffic for over a year?

This is where her post really begins as she goes into the matter of what would happen if a person’s traffic just got up and left for over a year.  To check out what Shari has to say, go to her post over at Search Engine Land with the provided link.

Search Engine Land: Calculating The Risk Of Search Engine Spam