Can Daily PPC Budget Really Impact Conversions Available To Us?

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If you are starting out a brand new PPC campaign for your business, it can be difficult to set the right kind of budget for it. Are you spending too much? Are you spending too little? If you give up too much budget, you will probably see a lot of wasted money, and if you don’t spend enough, then you won’t see a very good reach to the audience you really need business from.

In another Ask The PPC column over on Search Engine Journal, they address the relationship between budgets, conversions, and cost per acquisition.

The question:

“I often see a daily budget of less than the total cost per conversion. Would having a higher daily budget than the cost per conversion improve conversions more by having enough budget per day?

For example, if our cost per conversion for a coffee machine is £120, does the daily budget matter?

Say we had a daily budget of £200 for 5 working days and the CPA is £120, versus a daily budget of £333 for 3 days. Technically, on the fifth day I would be getting 1 per day vs. on the third day I would get 2 per day. I could be over thinking this – I hope you can help.”

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