How You Can Evaluate Content Quality

Content writing Once Hummingbird hit us like a wet mackerel, we all knew we were in for it.  It was too late to turn back.  We were stuck.  There was no choice but to start focusing on creating good content.  Because of the Hummingbird update, things really began to change for content marketers.  They couldn’t just throw out content willy nilly anymore.  They had to create good content.

But how do we know if the content we are creating is any good?  There are a number of SEOs who are still working around the update and they don’t have the tools that will help them gauge content quality.  What if you’re one of those people who feels that they aren’t all that great at writing?  You may find yourself questioning if the content you have will even ring true with your audience.  In cases like this, you are probably wrestling with a thing called content anxiety.

To Isla McKetta, a writer at Moz, content quality anxiety can come in a number of forms.  Here are three points that she brings up in a post she wrote:

  1. What is content, really?
  2. I hired a content team or agency. How do I know if they’re any good?
  3. How can I calculate the value of content?

In her Moz Blog post, Isla  has written up a guide that will help you and anybody else with content anxiety to understand what makes good content.

Just check out her post with the following link:

Moz Blog: “But How Do I Know if It’s Good?” How You Can Evaluate Content Quality (and Ditch Content Anxiety)