Can Google Business Photos Correlate With Higher Local Search Ranking?

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Google-logo-plain-featuredAs if we couldn’t figure out at this point, any time Google rolls out a new service, people tend to get on board, and find that the new service ends up helping them rank better on the search engines.  In this case, the new service that has come out recently is Google Business Photos.

What is Google Business Photos?  Basically, it’s like Google Street Views, but for internal places, like shops, restaurants, stores and offices.  You can get a panoramic view of the inside of any place of business that is utilizing the service, right on their website.  This way, when you want to see what it’s like inside of an eatery, you can check it out on the website, long before you hop in the car and actually check it out in person.  You can see if it’s a place you want to go to and make business with without wasting time.

Jeff Finkelstein, the founder of Customer Paradigm, and a professional photographer, has written an article on Moz entitled, Google Business Photos May Correlate With Higher Local Search Rankings, Although Not A Magic Bullet.  In the article, he talks about the new service, and the possibility of if it really helps a site rank better.  But, there has been no official word yet as to whether the service actually helps rank sites better or not.

This leads us to the point of Jeff’s article.  Jeff decided to test the idea as to whether there was a correlation between local search rankings and adopting Google Business Photos.  After several tests with Google Business Photos, Jeff and his SEO team sat down and looked at some of the local keyword terms.  The results (for the most part), showed that sites that had used Google Business Photos also ranked the highest in local search.

To read the full article and get all the details on Jeff’s findings, follow the link below:

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