What We Can Learn about Going Viral from the Google and YouTube Integration

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Youtube_google_plus_comments_uproarIt seems that ever since Google+ and YouTube have integrated (Don’t try to make that out to sound dirty), nothing but dirt and mud have been flung around, and nothing positive has come from this unity between the two sites.  A good question that presents itself is, “With this situation upon us, is there anything good that can come of it, and can we learn from this experience?”

A video was released on YouTube, a music video to be specific, created by Emma Blackery that dealt with the subject, and instantly went viral.

Amanda DiSilvestro has written a Moz post entitled, What We Can Learn about Going Viral from the Google and YouTube Integration, and discusses the integration between YouTube and Google+, and the Emma Blackery viral video.  She also begs the question, has anything else gone viral?

Would you like to check out the full article?  If so, just follow the link below to read more and to see the video:

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