Starting this week, you’ll be able to send money through Google Assistant.

Utilizing Google Pay, the virtual assistant will now be used to send or request funds. As of March 22, it works for Android and iOS phones. It will be available for Google Home “in the coming months.”

If you haven’t signed up for Google Play, you will be prompted to sign up during the transfer process.  No worries though, there aren’t any fees to use the service.  Right now, it isn’t clear how users will authenticate when the feature will become available on Google Home.

According to Google, funds will be immediately transferred.  “Your friends and family will receive an email, text message, or notification if they’re [sic] already have the Google Pay app installed, so they can cash out.”

Generally, Google hasn’t really seemed to be much of an entrant in the peer-to-peer payments market.  Users were able to send money through Gmail for several years, we don’t know how much that option was really utilized.

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