Bing-Ads2It seems that Bing Ads has been keeping themselves busy lately.  In this past week, they’ve rolled out Expanded Text Ads and a more extensive comprehensive campaign set up workflow that is meant to provide performance estimates.  Bing Ads, on Thursday, has announced that Share Budgets has seen a global release.

Just like with AdWords, Shared Budgets allows users to assign one budget to multiple campaigns.  There’s plenty of reason to do something like this, although it does sound a little counter-intuitive.  As an example that  gave, “Well, say you have a fixed budget of $1,000 a week to spend on Bing Ads campaigns. After allocating budgets to individual campaigns, you may find at the end of the week that some campaigns tapped out their budgets and could have spent more while other campaigns had budget to spare.”

With Shared Budges all campaigns, or a subset of campaigns, can have a single budget that’ll get doled out to all the campaigns that need it, automatically.

Beta tester David McIntyre from iProspect told Bing Ads, “Shared budgets definitely lightened my workload and saved time related to budget pacing. We used it to essentially combine 400+ regional targeted campaigns into one.”

Shared Budgets is available in the UI, and right now, is read-only in Editor and the Apps.  In the UI, you can find the option under the Shared Library.


Keep in mind that Share Budgets isn’t supported by Import or Google Sync right now.  This means that if you trying importing updates from AdWords for an existing campagin into Bing Ads that utilizes a Shared Budet, the budget for the campaign won’t be updated.  Bing Ads says that they’re currently working on the integration fro early 2017.

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