Can The Demise of Cookies Disrupt Digital Marketing?

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For Bill Tucker, Group EVP leading the Data, Technology, and Measurement Practices at the ANA , and executive director of the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media, there is going to be a huge disruption in how business can be done in the addressable media when cookies are finally laid to rest. For Bill, there has to be a new way that lets the the current economic model of digital model continue without falling apart.

This concern has arisen due to the threat to targeted advertising and marketing , and more specifically, it is provoked by the threat to third-party cookies.

There are already some browsers that aren’t supporting third-party cookies anymore, including the likes of Firefox and Safari. Google also said that they will be blocking cookies in Chrome as well in the future. This really solidifies the idea that advertisers will have to find a way to target their advertisements without being able to utilize cookies.

The death of cookies is only focused on third-party cookies, and not first-party cookies.

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