How & When You Can Turn SEM From A Checkbox To A Core Business Component

Search engine marketing Search Engine Marketing has become a very important aspect to business over the last several years.  At first, it may have been the advertising tactic that was left over after the company’s money was spent on every other type of advertising avenue first.  But since then, SEM seems to have grown up.  You need it more now than you did ten years ago.  It’s become a part of what makes many successful businesses tick.

But it seems that there are still some companies that look at SEM merely as a checklist box to cross off when they get a chance.  Does your company do this?  Or is it the sort of business that takes SEM seriously and makes it a core part of their advertising structure?  Depending on which side you take as a company will depend on taking risks, securing resources and obtaining a budget.

 has written an article for Moz called “How & When You Can Turn SEM From A Checkbox To A Core Business Component.”  In this article, David discusses why core SEM matters and gives differences between core SEM and checklist SEM.

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