comment_structureWhen you create content for the online world, naturally, you want others to come in and see it.  What’s more, you want people to engage you based on the content you’ve created.  There is such a strong pull for content creators for this type of engagement, we have created something called content marketing.

But the sad fact is, just because an article or video is visible, doesn’t mean people are going to see it, let along read/watch and engage with it.

If somebody comments on your content, this suddenly creates a discussion about the topic at hand, and the goal is to discuss it further, or learn more about it.  Participating in comments is an effective way of presenting people with some useful content at the time when they are more than likely going to consume and engage with it.

There are a number of opportunities that will allow us to effectively market content in comments, which is the subject of discussion in a post written by Brent Csutoras in for Search Engine Journal.  His post, entitled, The Complete Guide to Content Marketing Through Comments, as you might tell from the title, is a guide that will give you plenty to work with when it comes to engaging with others who engage with your content.  Check it out!