Why You Can’t Hide From Mobile PPC

Hiding If you are an online marketer and you think that mobile isn’t going to be that big of a thing, you’ve got another thing coming.  Mobile is going to be a dominate force in the future, and already it has a really good foot hold on the search market.  Hell, most of us say it’s coming, but it’s already here and it’s going to become even bigger.

I’m sure many of you have already seen this coming from a mile away.  All of you have have seen mobile become the monster that it has become, knows that, in the beginning, mobile started off as a pretty small part of your overall spend and traffic.  But after a few years, you realized that those same campaigns and accounts are seeing as much as half of your traffic is coming from mobile.  This comes as no surprise that there has been a 98% growth year over year in Q2 2014.

This should tell you that if you haven’t gotten some sort of mobile strategy in place, you need to work out something.  Now.

 has put together a list of the most common objections that he’s come across when it comes to getting started with mobile PPC and put it into a post on Search Engine Land.  Also included in the post are a fe things that can be done to improve your mobile performance.

Check out Eric’s post now by following the link below.

Search Engine Land: Why You Can’t Hide From Mobile PPC