social-marketingMost of us knows the importance of social media.  It’s one of the ways we are able to get the word out about products, services, promotions and news that pertains to our brands.  Plus, it gives us the ability to communicate directly with the customers that we hold dearly.  Oddly enough, there are those out there who have been ignoring social media as a viable marketing tool, and this needs to end if these businesses truly want to create a community of loyal lovers of their brand.

Social marketing is a tool that can have untapped potential that can be crucial to B2B sales.  At this point in time, B2B organizations are still in their infancy when it comes to accepting social and how it can be used to their advantage in the business world.  If they aren’t using social are going to lose the race to those B2B organizations that are taking full advantage of it.

Andy Lombard has written a post for Search Engine Land entitled The Case For Embracing B2B Social Marketing, and in it, you’ll find reasons why you should come over to the social side of the Force.  In other words, this post shows you reasons why you need to get into social for your B2B business to not just survive, but thrive.

Search Engine Land: The Case For Embracing B2B Social Marketing