Case Study: 5 Steps to Create a Killer Content Marketing Strategy

Content writing When it comes to business, content writing can be tougher than you think. When you are writing content for a website, a blog, or something else, it seems that the most popular form of content is the type that doesn’t have any sort of appearance of trying to sell you something.

Even if your mind is in the right place, and the words are flowing from your fingertips like wine into a drunk guy’s cup (interesting analogy, I know), there’s still always going to be an issue that you’re going to be running into.  How do you write content about something without sounding like your blatantly trying to sell something?  This is one of those issues I can confidently say I have intimate knowledge with, as I write content myself for clients.  You want to make as compelling content as possible, but you don’t  like the idea of sounding like you’re leading up to a sales pitch.

So, to put it bluntly, the dilemma is this…

How do you create content that is unique enough to compel people to want to not only to read, but share as well, your content, and make it relevant enough to improve key marketing and business metrics?

Brad Smith will be guiding us through five steps on how to approach developing a content marketing strategy.  In his article, he will cover:

  • Customer problems and obstacles
  • Product results and benefits
  • Determining your messaging, categories and structure
  • Managing the creation process
  • Creating a uniform content template

Check out Brad’s article now by following the link below!

Moz Blog: Case Study: 5 Steps to Create a Killer Content Marketing Strategy