google-flyswatter-penalty-600Getting a manual Google penalty can be painful.  The resulting issues for your business can be problematic, as your visability from within the Google search results can be dramatically reduced.  After getting hit with a penalty, the climb back to good standing with Google can be difficult.  Sometimes, good companies will end up resorting to defeat because their now-lacking organic traffic has taken a turn for the worse.

But defeat is something that not everybody has to deal with, as there are ways to get rid of a massive manual Google penalty in only a handful of steps.

Back in November of 2014, Anna Korolekh joined the PSD2HTML team, who had been suffering from a manual penalty.  The penalty was due spammy backlinks that had taken place over the course of a year.  No matter what they did, nothing worked.  Their organic traffic took a massive hit, as the penalty took 80% of it away.

That’s pretty harsh.  So how was this manual penalty removed, and how did PSD2HTML come back?  Check out Anna’s case study, which can be found on, of how it was removed in 5 steps.

Check it out!

Moz Blog: Case Study: How We Removed A Massive Manual Google Penalty In 5 Steps