Project Description


  • Online sales have flat-lined for previous 2 years, after 5 years of year-to-year growth
  • Pay-per-Click losing avg. of $4k per month on $17k/mo spend
  • Competitors are taking over organic positions

Client has seen tremendous growth since inception, but a recent surge in competitors has taken a toll on revenues. They also have unusually high costs and small margins.  Profits need to increase in order to re-invest in future growth.

Project Scope:

  1. Evaluate ecommerce system, set up, and avg purchase levels
  2. Evaluate online presence and reputation
  3. Assess PPC and SEO environment, especially related to competitors
  4. Build revenues, but with specific focus on tight margins. Profit is more important that revenue
  5. Project included:
    1. Full online environment assessment
    2. Usability and Ecommerce Audit
    3. Sales and profit assessment
    4. Ongoing monthly SEO and PPC improvement campaign


  • Rebuilt Adwords campaign from ground up – tied to SEO
  • Designed environment for increased ad-spend aligning with proven increased profits
  • Added smaller, but profitable set of Bing campaigns to the marketing mix
  • Created and implemented theme-based SEO schema
  • Designed Social Media strategy and assisted in internal placement for Social specialist
  • Launched internal process and cost assessment, helping improve margins by an estimated 5.2%
  • Added additional payment and shipping options to checkout, improving completion by 19%
  • Upgraded analytic tools and implemented custom tracking elements to give improved data on marketing, ad costs, sales, and profits

Cost and Final Results: 

  • Project included 2 month discovery, plus ongoing SEO, PPC, and Ecommerce management
  • Total cost (18 months, including 45-day discovery project) $165,600
  • Resulted in estimate $876,000 added profits during project period
  • Estimated additional $3M in profits should be made in two years following campaign wrap-up