Project Description


  • Can’t gain any traction on organic rankings in Google
  • Organic website traffic hasn’t grown at all in more than 2 years.

Project Scope:

  1. Evaluate website for SEO opportunities on their targeted subjects
  2. Project included:
    1. SEO Audit
    2. Content review and assessment
    3. Ongoing SEO campaign


  • Designed ongoing SEO campaign to foster organic growth
  • Launched content and optimization strategies
  • Consulted on numerous link building and social media opportunities

Final Results: 

  • Project included initial Assessment, plus ongoing SEO strategy and implementation
  • Resulted in:
    • 105% increase in top 3 organic rankings on Google
    • 152% increase in Top 10 organic rankings on Google
    • Increased organic traffic 237% from targeted keywords
  • Leads from organic traffic increased over 300%