Project Description


  • Client spending $30k per month on PPC.
  • Conversion rates are high according to analytics
  • Back-end sales numbers and profits do not support analytic data

Client keeps allocating more budget to Pay-per-Click because conversion rate is high, but bank account does not reflect these sales.

Client also complains of decreased organic rankings and sales over past 12 months.

Project Scope:

  1. Evaluate ecommerce system and set up
  2. Assess analytics, sales, flow-through, and margins to determine problems and solutions
  3. Improve sales environment, locate gaps in conversion and profit and correct
  4. Improve PPC and SEO sales to boost total revenue
  5. Project included:
    1. Website technical and aesthetic review
    2. PPC and SEO Audit
    3. Usability and Ecommerce Audit
    4. Sales and profit assessment
    5. 12-month SEO and PPC improvement campaign


  • Discovered analytic problem and fixed
    • True conversion rate was more than 90% less than previously reported
    • Site visits were being duplicated
    • Ecommerce tracking was not capturing source data properly
    • 43% path-failure was detected (fallout before checkout)
    • PPC was highly ineffective. Targets were not strategic
    • Abundant untapped SEO opportunities
  • Redesigned PPC campaign, improved click through by 63%, decreased spend to $18k per month
  • Tied SEO strategy to PPC focus and implemented ongoing SEO growth plan
  • Redesigned content architecture and path flow using SEO as a basis of our strategy
  • Cleaned checkout process, and improved purchase completions by 34%

Cost and Final Results: 

  • Total Project 2 month discovery, plus 12 month SEO, PPC, Ecommerce improvements
  • Total cost $120,000
  • Resulted in average $87,000 per month increase in revenue
  • Resulted in $12,000 per month savings in PPC
  • Amounting to a NET gain of $99,000 per month or $1.19 Million in added annual revenue