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With 54% Of comScore 1000 Publishers Adopting Ads.txt, OpenX Says It Will Start Banning Unauthorized Inventory

The newest from ad exchange OpenX points to deepening adoption of ads.txt and changing programmatic practices. It was reported by OpenX that 54 percent of the comScore 1000 had implemented ads.txt on their sites by mid-January.  This has risen by 7 percent by August, when ads.txt adoption was slow to scale.  The focus of the OpenX analysis was on [...]

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Amobee Launches An Inventory Accountability Program

Amobee, digital ad unit for telecom Singtel, is boosting its anti-fraud efforts this week with the announcement of an Inventory Accountability Program. Currently, Amobee already has an existing anti-fraud effort that includes an integration with media verification firm firm DoubleVerify to eliminate suspicious bids and participation in the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s ads.txt initiative.  The Inventory Accountability Program [...]

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Google Is Taking On Clickjacking

In an effort to address online display advertising fraud, Google is saying that they have rolled out new defenses against clickjacking. So, what exactly is clickjacking?  Have you ever clicked on a button or tried to play a video on a web page, but then be taken to a completely different web page that had [...]

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Alliance For Audited Media Launches Its Ad Blocker Detection Service

Since the Internet Advertising Bureau's (IAB) recently released their primer on ad blocking, the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM) launched an Ad Block Gauge, which allows websites to detect ad blockers. The Ad Block Gauge comes in one of two versions, either a standalone edition, or as part of the Illinois-based organization's new Site Certifier tool for [...]

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