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Google AdSense Launches New Type Of Ad Format That Optimizes Placements

On the morning of February 21, Google Adsense rolled out Auto Ads, which is a new ad format that can potentially increase publishers' revenue by finding placements that could otherwise go undiscovered. This format uses machine learning, which automatically places ads where they're likely to perform well.  Auto Ads will let publishers place ad code on [...]

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Google Launches AdSense User First Beta To Test If Fewer Ads & Better Targeting Can Make More Money For Publishers

There are some AdMob and AdSense publishers that began receiving invitations to Google Adsense's User First beta program this week. At this stage, the goal is to test new and different ways to publishers to make more revenue with fewer, and possibly more effective, ads and reward publishers who prioritize the user experience.  The idea [...]

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Google Announces AMP Speed And Viewability Enhancements For Ads

On August 21, Google's Amp (Accelerated Mobile Pages) group announced some enhancements to ads served in AMP.    The project has entered the second phase of the intended 3 phase plan for supporting comprehensive advertising functionality in AMP. Phase one focused on basic support for ads within AMP.  Phase two will focus on speeding up AMP ad [...]

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Google Advertisers Blacklisted After Exploiting AdSense, Driving Down CPCs

It's been confirmed that Google has blacklisted some ad buyers after exploiting their ad system, resulting in AdSense publishers noticing declines in their CPCs over the last few days.  The issue was addressed by Google y blacklisting those ad buyers and identifying the issue going forward. Those affected by this saw their AdSense CPCs decline beginning on [...]

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Google Goes After Mobile Native Advertising With New AdSense Formats

Google is fixing the one hole that has remained as a key weakness in mobile advertising: native ads.  The company announced on Wednesday the launch of native ads for all AdSense publishers. Native ad format in AdSense includes in-feed, in-article and matched content.  All can be customized to match the look and feel of the publisher's mobile [...]

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Google Can Now Pull Ads From Pages That Violate AdSense Policies & Keep Ads Running On Other Pages

For a while now, advertisers have been pushing for more controls over where their ads show on the Google Display Network and YouTube.  But publishers that rely on AdSense for revenue have been wanting more transparency into policy enforcement.  Until today, if a policy action was taken against a publisher by Google, ads were puled from the [...]

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