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Google Tests Showing Weekly Site Visits In Automated Ad Extension

There are several types of automated extensions under Google's belt that can display in search ads - seller ratings, dynamic sitelinks, call extensions and so on. Google is currently testing a new version that highlights a site's popularity. Spotted by Kristie TC Liu, digital marketing strategist at KoMarketing in Boston, the automated extension on a WeWork [...]

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Google Sunsetting Two Bidding Strategies In June

At the end of the month, Google's Target Search Page Location and Target Outranking Share automated bidding strategies will be retired. The strategies won't be available for new campaigns any longer beginning in late June. Later this year, any existing campaign that users them will get migrated to the Target Impression Share strategy, based on [...]

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Google Moves Hotel Pricing Chart Into The SERP

Google has begun showing hotel price charts in search results. These graphs have been a popular feature of Google travel properties, which has been tested in search last year. The following image shows the SERP for the query Portland Oregon Jupiter Hotel that includes the price chart: Searchers are now able to uses arrows to move [...]

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Performance Planner Now Live In Google Ads

The new Performance Planner that was posted about yesterday is now available for Google Ads. The tool will help advertisers understand how to allocate a set monthly budget across all of their campaigns based on Google's projections for maximizing incremental conversions or other advertising goal. Performance Planner was one of the new products talked about [...]

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Google Is Launching a New Performance Planner for Google Ads

Google Ads is getting a new tool in the form of a Performance Planner that well assist with planning ad spend. According to Google, on average, Performance Planner will help advertisers drive up to 43% more conversions. The focus of the tool is to drive incremental conversions by identifying the best spend amounts for your campaigns. [...]

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