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Structuring Paid Search Campaigns: Segmentation vs. Aggregation

Structuring paid search campaigns, as we know, can be subjective process, and the path to the best structure is usually paved with best practices, as well as tactical preference. End the end though, the goal is to achieve a structure that allows for optimal end-user experience, as well as gathering sufficient data to make the [...]

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Google Ads Arrives. So Long, AdWords

On Tuesday, paid search managers were greeted with Google's new branding for its ads platform, known as AdWords since it first debuted in 2000. The new Google Ads logo appears at the top of the web interface on the initial welcome page.  The Google AdWords have also been changed to appear as the Google Ads account.  Followers [...]

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Google expanding Local Conversion Reporting And Per-Shop Visitation

Google's expanded rollout of store visits reporting for AdWords (which will soon become Google Ads) Customers of all sizes has begun.  This reporting provides performance breakouts by individual store locations. Marketers are going to be able to see in-person visits to their physical stores, as well as other types of "offline" conversions that are associated with [...]

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5 Things Google Ads Can Now Do Automatically

Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) has always had frequent product updates, but because of the continued growth and improvements in machine learning (ML).  Every month seems to bring new automated features, as well as the manual features we can all expect. The exciting part of these automatons is that they promise similar results without as [...]

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Is YouTube Serving Up More Pre-Roll & Mid-Roll Video Ads?

Dan Shure, SEO consultant and podcast host, has noticed that there is a fairly large uptick in how many pre-roll and mid-roll ads are being served on YouTube videos that he watched over the last week. Shure had logged into his Google account, and noticed that YouTube delivered six different ads during a 17 minute video from [...]

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Soon Advertisers Will Have AdWords Tools To Test & Measure Creative Elements Of YouTube Video Ads

There are new tools being introduced by Google in AdWords for YouTube that gives advertisers the ability to measure an test creative aspects of their video ads.  The newly launched YouTube creative suite was announced this week at the Cannes Lions Festival, and involves four new tool sets: Experiments Video Creative Analytics YouTube Director Mix [...]

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Google Begins Sending Goodbye Old AdWords UI Notices

Back in March of this  year, Google announced that it would retire the old AdWords interface by the end of the year.  But there were some advertisers who received notifications from Google this week that their accounts will be switched over to the new interface only, beginning in July. Once the accounts are switched over, "the new [...]

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EU: Google Shopping Search Reforms Working

Although Google's European shopping rivals are continuing to complain about how Google is working, The European Commission chief said that the changes Google has made so far seem to be working.  European Competition Commissioner Margethe Vestager is quoted by Reuters saying that rivals have a greater visibility in search results and there are more clicks that send searchers to [...]

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