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Google Pushes Out Deadline Parallel Tracking For Video Due To ‘Global Events’

Don't worry, you have some extra time to transition to parallel tracking for Video campaigns, as the deadline has been pushed to June 15. “Given recent global events, we wanted to give everyone extra time to make this transition,” Nicky Rettke, product management director for Google Video Ads wrote in the announcement Thursday. If you're already setup [...]

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Google Ads Significantly Streamlines Attribution Reporting

Attribution reporting Google Ads is changing, as well as the name. According to the announcement by Google, the name is from Search attribution to just Attribution. The update will streamline the reporting. Here is what it started out as: It is going to look like this from now on: The cards on the update Overview [...]

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Optimization Score Comes To Google Ads App

It seems Google wants you paying attention to your optimization scores regardless of where you are. The metric can now be found front and center in the Google Ads app. Google is continuing to increase the prominence of optimization scores on Google Ads accounts. The score is now a key part of the requirements for agencies [...]

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Google Partners Clarifies Why Clients May Be Listed As ‘Eligible Users’ Toward New Certification Requirement

“We strongly recommend that any user who can edit campaigns should be certified,” Google. A lot of changes are coming - changes to the Google Partners program eligibility requirements that agencies aren't very happy about. There is a requirement includes that at least 50% of the eligible users listed in their manager account are going to [...]

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Google Ads Makes it Easier to Review a Campaign’s Change History

An update to Google Ads is going to make it easier to determine how campaign changes impact ad performance. From this point onward, advertisers will have the ability to view campaign changes annotated in their performance charts. Before, it wasn't as easy to review change histsory alongside reporting data. But with this update, the data [...]

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Google Ads Testing Custom Dimensions To Enable Reporting Based On Your Business Structure

If you are managing large or complex accounts or have extensive campaign naming taxonomies, Google Ads custom dimensions might be able to help simplify your reporting efforts and campaign naming systems. Don't confuse this with custom dimensions in Google Analytics. Custom dimensions in Google Ads lets users append annotations to your campaigns in order to [...]

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Google Ads To End Customer Support Via Social Jan 1, 2020

Google Ads announced earlier this year that it is going to shift customer support requests to an online form and won't be supporting customer service through Facebook and Twitter any longer. As of January 1, 2020, direct messaging on the Google Ads' Facebook and Twitter accounts will be deactivated, and users will see a pinned [...]

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La mort d’ads: French Regulator Fines Google $166 Million For ‘Brutal’ Ad Suspensions

According to the Wall Street Journal, France's antitrust regulator has imposed a 150 million euro fine ($166.2 million) for arbitrarily suspending ads. Google says that the ads in question where "deceptive." The French antitrust authority, who is claiming "the power of life or death" over companies, has characterized the suspensions as "brutal and unjustified" and "random [...]

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Google Extends Optimization Score To Display Campaigns

Now available for Display campaigns is the campaign optimization score that Google Ads displays for Search and Shopping campaigns. Scores are available at the campaign level, and a combined account-level score encompasses Search, Display and Shopping. It's possible that you could also see recommendations that are tailored to Display campaigns. Optimization scores in Google Ads are [...]

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