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Google’s New Take On Shopping Goes Live In U.S.

Google’s new personalized shopping “destination” is now live in the U.S., the company announced Thursday. Reported back in May when Google first teased the US release of the revamped Google Shopping experience, Google is bringing personalized Shopping, local inventory and better checkout to Shopping. One of the first things you'll notice is the prominence of the colorful [...]

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Google Ads Enables Reporting Across Accounts In Report Editor

If you are your company run a number of different accounts for your brands or product lines, Google Ads announced that cross-account analysis for Manager accounts in Report Editor is available. The cross-account reporting, which is available for Manager accounts and lets you access and manage multiple accounts using a single manager login, allows you to analyze [...]

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Search Ads 360 Rolls Out Auction-Time Bidding For Google Search Campaigns

Google Search Ads 360, the enterprise-level search management piece of Google Marketing Platform that lets advertisers and agencies manage campaigns across multiple search engines, has added auction-bidding for bids on Google Search. For those using Search Ads 360, this brings the Smart Bidding capabilities offered in Google Ads to your Google Search campaign. Smart bidding [...]

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Store Visits Now Available For Google Ads Smart Bidding Optimization

If you're an advertiser who has store visits measurement in your Google Ads account, you are now able to incorporate store visits data into your smart bidding strategies. With this update, stores with physical locations can optimize with and for foot traffic in addition to online conversions with smart bidding. Smart bidding strategies use machine learning [...]

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Google Gives Accelerated Ad Delivery An Extension

According to Google in an announcement made September 11, the accelerated ad delivery option in Google Ads will be available for a little bit longer. Originally, October 1 was supposed to be when it was to begin being phased out, but now the option will sunset starting October 7. After that, campaigns are going to be [...]

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Google Ads Seasonality Adjustments Now Available For Search, Display Campaigns

The seasonality adjustments feature, which was previewed at Google Marketing Live in May is now live for Search and Display campaigns. The feature isn't out yet for Shopping, Video or App campaigns, but we can expect it to come to Shopping campaigns later this year. Google’s tCPA and tROAS smart bidding strategies already take broad-scale seasonality changes into consideration. But, [...]

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Google Now Showing Competitor Ads On Local Business Profiles

Google has been ramping up local search monetization over time. Local search ads was introduced in 2017, which made ads show up in local packs. Two years ago, ads were put in local Knowledge Panels about two years ago. But now, the company is beginning to show competitor ads in local business profiles. The ads, [...]

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Google Rolls Out Maximize Conversion Value Smart Bidding Strategy

Maximize conversion value is now available. Google's maximize conversion value, which was first announced at Google Marketing Live (GML) in May, is now available in all Search campaigns. The aim of maximize conversion value is to optimize for the greatest conversion value within budget. Just like maximize conversions, it will try spending your budget, so make sure you set [...]

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Google Ads To Remove Accelerated Ad Delivery Option Next Month

An upcoming change to ad delivery has been announced by Google and will begin September 17. The accelerated delivery option is going to be removed, leaving standard delivery as the only option for Search and Shopping campaigns, as well as with campaigns with shared budgets. If there is any Search or Shopping campaigns and shared budgets [...]

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