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Google Adds Vacation Rentals To Hotel Search

Recently, Google redesigned and added features to its hotel search interface to make it more intuitive and useful for both desktop and mobile users.  The company launched vacation rentals in the mobile UI on Tuesday. Also, users will be able to filter and browse through short-term rentals via Google Hotel Search.  This feature is available on mobile and will [...]

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Google Fined Another $1.7 Billion By EU For ‘Abusive’ AdSense Publisher Contracts

Google is now facing their third significant antitrust fine in the EU.  This fine is penalizing Google for 1.49 billion euros ($1.69 billion) for “abusive practices in online advertising” involving publisher contracts surrounding AdSense for search. The fine “takes account of the duration and gravity of the infringement. . . . [and] has been calculated on the [...]

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Google Took Down 2.3 Billion Bad Ads, 1 Million Ad Accounts In 2018

In 2018, Google took down 2.3 billion “bad ads," according to its annual report on actions it took to address policy violations on its ad platforms. This is a million fewer ads than it removed a year ago in 2017.  Even in this case, according to Google, the number of advertiser accounts in terminated last year nearly doubled from [...]

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Goodbye Green? Google Testing Black “Ad” Label In Search

Google began playing around with the "Ad" label on for a little over two years now.  Beginning February 2017, Google utilized green text and a green border to delinate text ads from organic listings in the search results.  Now, they seems to be testing something more subtle. On Wednesday, UK-based marketing consultant Darren Taylor, [...]

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Google Launches Marketer-Friendly Google Ads API Query Builder

If you use an application that leverages the Google Ads API, which rolled out of beta last week, there’s now a new query builder tool is now available.  The query tool's web interface is meant to make it easy to build queries for reporting on your Google Ads accounts. The new Google Ads Query Language is used in the [...]

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More ‘Shoppable Ads’ Coming To Google Images

On Tuesday, Google has introduced Shoppable Ads on Google Images at the Shoptalk conference.  The sponsored images highlights products that reveal brand, price and other details when they are moused over. This is similar to ad units found on Instagram and Pinterest, but Google debuted Shoppable AdWords formats on YouTube in 2015.  The company piloted an earlier version of Shoppable Ads [...]

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Google Ads API Now Out Of Beta, v0 Will Sunset April 30

The production-ready v1 of the Google Ads API is now available and ready for use.  The beta version of the Google Ads API will no longer be accessible as of April 30, 2019. Once the April cut over date passes, beta version API requests will fail.  API users should remember to update their client libraries in order [...]

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A Google Ads Script To Help You Stop Running Out Of Budget

Are you in a situation where you have to know exactly when your campaigns begin running out of budget, and not after overspending?  When you need to know when you're getting alarmingly close, there's a script for that. As you know, Google is able to spend twice your daily budget in order to help reach [...]

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Google Call-Only Ads Getting ‘Expanded’ With More Characters

It looks like Google call-only ads are getting the expanded text ad treatment. The change that is happening is the addition of more text.  Rather than a sing headline of 25 characters, you can have two 30-character headlines.  Also, descriptions are increasing from 80 to 90 characters. The other change is that name of the business will move [...]

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