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Auction Insights 3: The Final Script

When it comes to AdWords, we know that there tons of scripts out there for us to utilize with our campaigns.  In this case, we're talking more specifically about Auction Insights, and the Brainlabs Auction Insights script. Changes to Adwords aside, it's good to spruce things up.  Optimization is an infinite process, as we all [...]

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Oh, No! AdWords Can Now Spend Double Your Budget. Or Not…

Recently, there was news making its rounds that AdWords can now spend up to double your campaign’s daily budget… which is can be irritating.  But luckily, there is something we can do to combat this! For most campaigns, it would probably be recommended not using budget caps at all.  It's better to control spend by bids (ROI) [...]

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Word Association: Here’s A Script For Analyzing The Phrases That Associate With Your Terms

When it comes to the following script, the idea came to Daniel Gilbert from an account his employer was running for a financial client.  His employer wanted to know what was the most popular queries were for a particular competitor.  After some analysis, they discovered what "complaints" was the most common associated word.  That info was quite [...]

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This Script Automates Adding Any AdWords Data To A Google Spreadsheet

Have you ever been frustrated at the amount of time you have to spend creating PPC reports?  You're not the only one who has.  Luckily, there's something that can you can do to help deal with it, namely, an AdWords script that was written by Frederick Vallaeys! When Vallaeys was at a conference recently, the severity of the reporting [...]

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Check Out This Script For Copying Labels Between Levels

Since most of us have run an AdWords account before, it's obvious why being able to copy labels between levels is really awesome. When you're using a typical account, you'll be dealing with hundreds or even thousands of campaigns.  Within each of them, there can be thousands of ad groups and keywords.  If you don't [...]

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Here’s A Script That Stops Ads From Showing Next To Offensive Videos

I'm sure by now, you've been hearing about the news surrounding advertisers pulling their ads from YouTube due to being displayed next what they considered offensive content.  If you're an advertiser, you could just simply pull ads from YouTube's ad network, but there's another option now available!  There's a script to help you! A few [...]

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Check Out This AdWords Script That Fills Empty Ad Groups

We are less than a month away from Christmas, and we all will defiantly more busy this time of year.  Even with the extra busy that we will be experiencing, we have to make sure we don't make any mistakes.  It's pretty easy to make mistakes this time of year because of that. This is [...]

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Spell-Check Your New Expanded text ads with this AdWords script

If you're an advertiser who's using something like AdWords, you know there's going to be a lot of ad copy being written.  With the recent release of expanded text ads, we're provided with 45 additional characters for AdWords ads, which can be used to give searchers more context to make decisions.  But with extra characters comes [...]

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