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Amazon’s High-Flying Advertising Growth Levels Out

Amazon's advertising business has had its second $3 billion quarter in the second quarter of 2019. The first was during the holiday fourth quarter last year. A $3 billion quarter during an off-holiday is pretty good for sure, but it seems that their growth is coming back down to earth. Second-quarter ad revenue increased 37% [...]

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Moving From Vendor To Seller On Amazon? What Do You Need To Know?

Amazon seems to always having the long view. It's hard to imagine that Amazon's domination of e-commerce will change anytime soon, the company is setting their sights on challenging other giants. In this case, those giants include Walmart, Costco and Target. Amazon is ready to implement a rumored change to force smaller vendors (these are [...]

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Amazon Adds Customer Acquisition Metrics For Display, Video, Sponsored Brands Campaigns

New metrics have been introduced by Amazon that capture insights on new customers that converted from ad campaigns. The “new-to-brand” metrics are available for video, display and Sponsored Brands ad campaigns (the ads that showcase several products formerly called headline search ads). The segment includes ad-converting customers that purchased a brand’s products on Amazon for the first [...]

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Amazon Adopts MRC Viewability Standard For Conversion Attribution

This week, Amazon announced that is now using the Media Rating Council’s (MRC) standard for viewability when reporting view-through conversions. Under the MRC standard, an ad impression is considered viewable when at least 50 percent of the pixels are in-view for at least one second. Only impressions deemed viewable based on that standard are eligible for view-through conversion credits. [...]

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What Amazon Advertising’s Big 2018 Advancements Will Mean For 2019

It looks like 2018 will be the year Amazon will be remembered for their advertising business.  It is estimated to now be the third-largest ad seller in the U.S. behind Google and Facebook with 4% market share.  If the product changes and develops we saw this year keep up the momentum, then that will help further fuel advertiser [...]

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Amazon VP Reaffirms: ‘No Plans’ For Ads On Alexa Devices

There are some who feel that Amazon wants to turn Alexa-enabled devices into vehicles for advertising. According to the Amazon VP, the answer to this would be no. Last week at Fortune magazine's conference in California on Most Powerful Women Next Gen," Toni Reid, Amazon VP of Alexa experience and Echo devices, pointed out the [...]

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Amazon Streamlines Ad Products Under New Amazon Advertising Brand

On September 5, Amazon announced that it is unifying its disparate ad products and systems under on brand - Amazon Advertising. The brand says that Amazon Media Group (AMG) for managed display and video services, Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) for seller ads on Amazon and programmatic solution Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) are all retiring. This move [...]

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